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Chengdu XINDAK Electronics Co, Ltd. is China’s leading hi-fi manufacturing enterprises, except to producing its own Xindak, Audreal, Soundright brands Hi-Fi amplifier, CD player, speakers, Hi-Fi cables and other products, also provide OEM, ODM service for world well-known audio brand in the industry, with high visibility and reputation.

All the products of Xindak have the company’s profound culture and Hi-Fi design idea accumulated for long time. The unique structural technique and excellent materials of the products always keep ahead in the audio industry and win the customers’ support and trust. The products of the company have won many prices in the past years, and Xindak brand has been authorized as “Chengdu Famous Brand” by Chengdu Municipal and the consumers’ favorite brand investigated by the professional media for many years. Xindak is sure to be the world famous audio brand, which can endure any test.

To find out more about Xindak’s impressive range of products please visit the Xindak website.

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