Mola Mola embodies the idea that once you've removed everything that isn't the music, that what remains is the music.

Mola Mola

Mola Mola embodies the idea that once you’ve removed everything that isn’t the music, that which remains is the music.

This is a radical idea. Today’s high-end audio has become all about mixing circuit topologies and parts to make a sonic blend that the designer thinks “sounds about right”. You’d almost forget that getting closer to the sound as crafted by the artist really means keeping the replay system from changing it.

Turning this simple insight into hardware is probably the toughest way to do audio. All simple circuits change the signal audibly, so one has to get to grips with more complicated ones that don’t. We analyse every sub-circuit mathematically and look for ways to eliminate every error term. When the practical circuit measures as predicted, we listen to search for unexpected sources of coloration. These are then included into the maths and the whole process repeats.

After every stage has proven immaculate performance, the same is done with the whole product and so problem spots get methodically rooted out before they hide themselves and become “audible but not measurable”.

The result is something never before heard of in high-end audio: amplifiers and converters whose output signal cannot be distinguished, by ear, from the input signal. So, what does that sound like? In a few words: natural, nimble, rich and musically enthralling.

Analogue design for a digital age – With the knowledge in hand to design minimally invasive electronics without needing to be minimalistic, they decided that their preamp should be complete and combine a sleek, compact design that oozes class.

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