Audionet is the brain child of scientists and veritable German engineers. Providing Technologies bordering on magic.


Unlike most companies on this planet in pursuit of the perfect tone, AudioNet is not run by finance guys or marketing people. Or mutual funds. The company is the brain child of scientists and veritable German engineers. Below are just a few of the Technologies, bordering on magic, supplied by AudioNet.

Ultra-Linear-Amplifier (ULA)

Audionet’s worldwide respected and award-winning ULA (Ultra Linear Amplifier) technology is of fundamental importance for AudioNet’s outstanding technology. This highly complex circuit topology, initially conceived with medical engineering in mind, delivers metrological results which mark a limit of feasibility. Even under the most severe strain or in other stress situations signal impurities are barely traceable, and the high return loss guarantees that even the most demanding loudspeakers will perform faultlessly up to their utmost limits.

Audionet Operational Amplifier

Operational amplifiers (OP) are used in AudioNet’s devices at most sound-critical parts of the circuit design to deliver the very best tonal results. Usual operational amplifiers, available in different quality and price ranges on the global market, can’t satisfy our core demands for perfect sound quality. Even the most expensive ones with the best results on paper aren’t perfect. That’s why AudioNet designed their own operational amplifier technology. Any single Audionet OP contains at least 86 parts and components, and their topology ensures an impressive gain-bandwidth-product of 1 GHz.

Audionet Aligned Resonance Technology

Audionet Aligned Resonance Technology (ART) decouples the read-out unit and the control board from the housing. A mounting system ensures that damaging movement energy is dissipated in a targeted fashion and that the read-out process is subject to a minimum of disturbance. The reading module is a solid tape deck fitted in full aluminium, dampened with heavy foil, sitting on acoustically friendly brass pins. Developed for professional use, the new drive has an exceptionally robust mechanical and electronical construction. It guarantees the highest read-out quality and stability as well as excellent disc acceptance both in terms of surface quality as well as copy protection procedures.

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